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This antibiotic can treat sexually transmitted diseases and STI’s such as Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, eye infections, and other things. It will even help treat infections of the intestines and respiratory tract.

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Doxycycline: Uses And Facts About The Drug

What kind of a drug is it? Is this a drug you should know about? Let’s talk about it and see. It seems it has some really good benefits, but like most drugs out there it probably has some side effects too. What it is is an antibiotic and those are great when facing an infection in the body. We all should take that if we are prescribed it but some of us are also very sensitive to many types of antibiotics which is not the best kind of finding. Antibiotics can also wear off in time and we can become resistant. That however is not where I want to go yet with the description of this drug. Let’s just discuss the good things at least first and foremost.

Power Struggle

The drug is said to be one of the most strongest antibiotics you can get. It will treat a huge range of illnesses and bugs that some other types of antibiotics might not. It is like the hero of all antibiotics. That is a good thing about it, when you lose all hope that other things don’t work.

What Does it Treat

Research shows the reason it helps with sexually transmitted diseases is that it treats bacterial infections in general which many sexually transmitted diseases begin from. That’s good to know in case you ever get those horrid STI’s which no one wants among any other listed illness of course and more. There has been some evidence that it keeps in check periodontal and eye infections as well.

It is good for keeping all of those at bay and we should embrace the medical field for having invented it, without it we would be one sick world of humans.

Other known ailments Doxycycline can treat

Other ailments it has been known to treat are acne, rosacea, sinusitis, Lyme disease and chronic prostatitis. This drug is a miracle drug that has been used for good reason. If you are unsure which antibiotics to be prescribed, ask your doctor if this one is right for you. He might or might not want to prescribe it but at least you know more about what it is for in this case. It is always good to have much knowledge about a possible future prescription as well which might turn up.

Alcohol is a No No

If you wanted to know how the reaction would be with booze, it is actual a bad thing. As with most drugs, it has been known to have a bad reaction with alcohol. So steering clear of that while on this drug is mandatory. And if you are pregnant, then the same goes for that as it would harm things more than help. The baby is more important.

How Do You Take It

You take this drug orally in the form of an oral capsule, tablet or a suspension of sorts.Your doctor might prescribe the drug as an injection but given only by your health care provider and no one else, not your spouse, sister, cousin or neighbor. You get the idea.

Are There Any Side Effects

As with many types of antibiotics this drug does have those dreaded side effects. Some people can experience them and others not. The seriousness depends on the person, too, as far as that goes. One person might get more serious diarrhea than another person or not at all. Others symptoms you might want to look out for (and could be just temporary) are a bigger risk of sunburn (well, you can just stay out of the sun while getting this medicine at it’s peak dosage and then go back in anyways, right?), nausea and vomiting.

These symptoms are usually cured with other remedies and/pr prescribed or over the counter drugs. If it gets too much to handle though you could be asked to stop taking the drug altogether.

How Popular is the Drug

It has been pretty popular in the past. In some years it was the most prescribed pill that the world has ever been on. More than 6 million prescriptions in the year of 2016 is the biggest rate I have seen to date. So it is probably worth the trouble and has saved many lives.

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