Malaria is a disease caused by a plasmodium parasite, transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito. The severity of malaria varies based on the species of plasmodium. It is uncommon in temperate climates, but is common in tropical and subtropical countries. Children under the age of five are more susceptible though every other person can get malaria. It has symptoms and signs,  can be prevented and treated. We will look into each in details.

Malaria has a number of symptoms that could be evident once someone gets infected.The signs may typically show few weeks after the bite but some may be dominant even for up to one year. The most common sign is fever. One experiences abnormal high body temperature and it is mostly felt around the neck and forehead but it could as well occur in other parts of the body. Others experience chills where the weather could be so hot but they  feel so cold even when dressed in heavy clothes.

Headache is also a very common sign of malaria. In some cases it is minor but in others it becomes very severe in fact unbearable. Vomiting and nausea are a major sign of malaria too and it is majorly accompanied by a loss of appetite for food  The patient cannot keep to their normal food diet. The loss of appetite starts gradually and gets intense with time if they do  not get treatment in time.

Muscle pains and joint pains is another critical sign and symptom of malaria. It is felt mostly at the knee joints but can also be felt in other joint parts around the body. This may or may not be accompanied by fatigue and general body weakness.  The patient just feels weak even if they have not engaged in any heavy activity.

Other minor signs and symptoms could also include sweating which happens mostly at night, chest or abdominal pain and coughs. A patient with Malaria may exhibit one or more signs and so they need to go to a doctor for a test to ensure that it is actually Malaria before they can start on the recommended medication.

Malaria can be treated easily using the prescribed medication from a legit hospital or doctor. The most important thing is to get tested early and once it is found in your bloodstream you can start on the medication rather than waiting until it has gotten to advanced stages which may have fatal results.

It is possible to prevent Malaria by ensuring you sleep under a mosquito net or use mosquito repellant. You can also keep windows closed during the night and destroy mosquito breeding grounds like bushes and stagnant water around the house.

Malaria can kill and has other fatal effects if not treated in early stages. Everyone should take an initiative to be safe from Malaria and get early treatment if they get infected.

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