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Orlistat is a drug that has become popular lately with people with weight problems. This drug is a fat inhibitor, in short it stops the accumulation and absorption of fat by the body. It is completely safe and is one of the most recommended drugs by doctors worldwide for the treatment of weight loss. This drug is approved by the FDA in the United States and is available under the name Alli. In the United Kingdom it is approved by the MHRA for sale over the counter. In almost no country a prescription required to buy Orlistat (Alli). You can order Orlistat online in Australia.

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Is Orlistat Safe To Use This Drug To Lose Weight?

How does Orlistat work and what are the components of this drug

The main component of this drug has the same name: Orlistat. The other known ingredients are microcrystalline cellulose, sodium lauryl sulfate, starch glycolate, povidone. The other components are considered inactive. The main function of this drug is to work as a lipase (food fat) inhibitor. This means that Orlistat is a drug that prevents the absorption of fats from food. In a nutshell, these are three main benefits of the function of this drug:

  • The body absorbs less fat during each meal (diet is mandatory)
  • Weight loss is considerably fast (in most patients)
  • The components of this drug are safe

How do I know if I need Orlistat

The most recommended thing to do first is visit a doctor who specializes in weight loss so that you can receive a complete diagnosis. The best doctors to visit before taking this drug are: Dietitians, Nutritionists or Bariatric physicians. You can also visit a general practitioner of medicine. The self-diagnosis that you can do at home (before going to a doctor office) to know if you need Orlistat to lose weight is as follows. You do not lose weight with diet and exercises. If after a while trying to lose weight with different diets and exercises you do not achieve your goal, you probably need this drug.

Body fat index

Your body fat index is easy to measure, in some pharmacies there are BMI (body mass index) measurement services. You can also buy one on Amazon or some online store. If your BMI is over 28% then you are a perfect candidate to use Orlistat. Health problems can add complications. If you have some problems like diabetes or other physical limitations that prevent you from exercising, after a medical diagnosis, you can take this drug to lose weight. How to use Orlistat to get the best weight loss results? The Orlistat combination for weight loss is usually with moderate exercise and a low calorie diet. Some people think they can eat anything and take an Orlistat pill and everything will be solved. To get the best results with this drug, follow these steps:

  • Moderate exercise, 10-15 minutes daily
  • A dose of Orlistat after each meal
  • Diet based on proteins and less calories
  • Consume oils and healthy fats

Follow up treatment

After the first Orlistat treatment, your doctor will most likely recommend a second treatment, but at a lower dose. Everything will depend on the results obtained following all the recommendations. How long to notice the results of weight loss? Most people who have taken Orlistat have seen a rapid reduction in six months with this drug. Many people indicate that they lose up to 10% more weight with this drug than with any other diet and medicine. Consistency is part of the treatment. This drug can block only 25% of the fat from food in every meal, that means that the other 70% is still being absorbed by the body in some way. For this reason, it is advisable to include exercise and reduce fat intake with each meal.

Adhere to prescriptions

Keep in mind that for Orlistat to work better you must: Continue with the complete treatment until the end according to the recommendation of a professional doctor. Do not consume food with a high level of fat since this drug only blocks a small percentage of that fat. Keep your life stress free and focus on following a healthy life, especially if you are an overweight person.

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    by Joel Fern

    I started to take orlistat a year ago, and I was originally 200 pounds. Now I have dropped down to only 150 pounds, and I am close to reaching my goal of 130 pounds. Orlistat is very effective for weight loss!

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