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Levitra also known as Vardenafil is a drug for the treatment of impotence or erectile dysfunction among men. the way it works is that it increases blood flow to the penis and therefore assist a man in getting and also keeping an erection. Levitra does not in anyway protect against sexually transmitted diseases so users must also practice safe sex by using condoms.


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This medication should be taken by mouth  as prescribed by a doctor and as required . It can be taken with or without food within an hour period of a planned sexual encounter. It should be noted that a person is not required to take more than a pill daily. That is one dose in a space of 24 hours. Dosage of this drug is based on individual response to treatment and other medications an individual makes use of. So ensure to inform whoever is prescribing to you of the other medications  you currently use.

While taking Levitra grape fruit or grape juice should be avoided except you have the permission of your Doctor to do otherwise. Grapefruits does have the tendency to increase the manifestation of other side effects.


For Viagra it takes between 30 to 60 minutes to manifest in the body while for Levitra it takes 60 minutes. Both drugs can be effective for about 4 hours. It is also believed that Levitra possesses a lower number of side effects compared to Viagra and it is yet to be associated with muscle aches and rash. Levitra is less affected by food or alcohol, therefore it can be taken with meals unlike Viagra. Some evidence also show that Levitra has proven to be more effective among diabetics when compared to other erectile dysfunction medicines.

Levitra or Viagra: Which is more effective?

Both Levitra and Viagra have proven to be effective going by what clinical studies have presented to us but we still would love to know which is more effective. Studies have showed that Levitra is more potent than Viagra although both drugs still seem to have about the same level of effectiveness when treating erectile dysfunction.The advantage on the side of Levitra is that it does not alter color perception among individuals which is  likely to happen with the use of Viagra on rare occasions. A similar studies also discovered both drugs to be well-tolerated but yet giving a slight upper hand to Levitra in comparison to Viagra.  Anyway the most effective drug for every individual is the particular drug your Doctor who puts your medical history into consideration as well as other drugs you take believes to be best for you.


Some of the Common side effects of Levitra are the following:

  • consistent headache
  • flushing (warmth or redness in your face, neck, or chest),
  • runny or stuffy nose
  • stomach upset,
  • heartburn,
  • dizziness,
  • backpain, or
  • nausea.

In a rare condition where you happen to have a painful and lasting erection for 4 or more hours, it is advised that you stop using Levitra immediately or you are likely to pick up permanent problems. Your Doctor should be informed in a situation where you have serious side effects like ringing in the ears or sudden loss of hearing, loss of vision, chest pain, spreading pain to the arm or shoulder, nausea, sweating, general ill feeling, irregular heartbeat,hand, ankles or feet swelling, shortness of breath, Vision change, lightheadedness, fainting or convulsions.



  1. Levitra is a quality brand that in some cases can be considered better than Viagara. Even though Levitra takes longer to become effective, Levitra stays effective for as long, if not longer than Viagara. On the bright side, Levitra has fewer side effects than Viagara.
  2. Wow! I am wildly impressed with Levitra. Of course, I was one who was sick of being limp time after time when I want to get down and dirty with my girlfriend. Finally went to the doctor and was prescribed a 10mg dose at first. First time I took it, I got in bed and after playing with the lovely lady, I got so hard the cat couldn't scratch it. Amazing sex, long lasting. Love it.
  3. We were sugggested levitra after my husband suffered a back injury which caused nerve damage. It was highly recommended by the doctor and after reading the reviews on it we gave it a try. It’s bee a life save
  4. My friends told me about levitra. They were raving about the erections they got on it. One of them said he stay hard for hours. Frankly, that's a bit scary. I talked to my doctor about it. I've been lacking in the erection department. I can't be hard on myself. I am 80 years old but I have a feisty 25 year old sugar baby that I want to play with. I took Levitra for the first time and that day I had the most amazing erection. It didn't last for hours but long enough to get the job done.
  5. My doctor recommended Levitra to me after I had tried other solutions for my ED and did not love them. I found that this one worked the best for me with the least amount of side effects, and it certainly got the job done.
  6. Here is the most important reason to buy Levitra, it can easily be taken about 20 minutes before sex and it works for me even faster at times. Levitra when taken in a dose of 25 mg is always reliable.

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