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Clomid is a pill that is taken orally and comes and 50 mg doses. It is designed to be taken for around five days straight near the beginning other woman’s period.

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Product description

What is Clomid

Clomid works to treat female infertility and is an oral medication. This medication is also known as clomiphene citrate. Clomid seeks to stimulate ovulation and get to the root of the problem. Sometimes a pituitary gland does not properly stimulate ovulation. If this is the case, Clomid can be taken to artificially trigger the pituitary gland to ramp up production of the follicle stimulating hormones known as FSH and LH.If you are unable to become pregnant and suspect a problem with your ovaries or infertility in general, speak with your primary care provider or OB-GYN. Most doctors will recommend you see a specialist in fertility who can then oversee a treatment cycle of Clomid. 

How Clomid Can Help Couples Conceive In Australia

If you and your partner has been trying to conceive but are unable to After 1 year of trying then chances are you could be suffering from female infertility. While there are some forms of male infertility, it’s will focus on female infertility and how it is treated with a medication called Clomid. Unlike a Tylenol or an ibuprofen, Clomid must be taken at very specific cycles and under doctor supervision. But why would a woman need to take Clomid? The answer to that question is when women are trying to become pregnant and are unable to, they could be experiencing problems with ovulation. Clomid is a medication designed to stimulate ovulation by blocking estrogen receptors at the hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is a part of the brain responsible for hormones and is known as the hormone control center of the body.

How Clomid works

An infertility specialist treating a woman with female infertility will typically start her off on a dose of 50 mg of Clomid. This dose will start with a low number of milligrams and can be increased as necessary. During the Clomid treatment cycle, your infertility specialist should be monitoring your hormone levels through blood tests as well as monitoring your ovarian follicles. A doctor can inspect your ovarian follicles using a transvaginal ultrasound. The reason for this close up and personal examination is to help determine how the body is reacting to the treatment. it is also necessary to determine the right time do you have intercourse with your partner.

In some cases, a woman undergoing a Clomid treatment cycle may be opting for an alternative method to become pregnant to such as intrauterine insemination.

Contributing factors

Clomid is commonly prescribed to women with a syndrome known as polycystic ovary syndrome. Polycystic ovary syndrome is shortened to PCOS and is responsible for issues surrounding ovulation. Sometimes ovulation may not be occurring at all as a result of polycystic ovary syndrome. The good news is that most insurance plans will cover Clomid. Some doctors also have programs to help patients who may not have health insurance or whose insurance may not cover Clomid. Even if you do not have health insurance, it is worth inquiring with your doctor about taking Clomid. With modern medicine most problems surrounding conception can be relatively easily remedied. Clomid is also an inexpensive treatment option in comparison to treatments like in vitro fertilization.

Side effects of Clomid

While Clomid is widely seen as the go-to medication for treating a lack of ovulation, there are some side effects involved. A woman taking Clomid could experience side effects such as having hot flashes randomly, getting headaches, feeling bloated, feeling nauseous, undergoing frequent changes in mood, and soreness of areas such as the breasts. In some cases of women may experience changes to her vision such as blurred vision or seeing double. For the most part, Clomid is considered a low cost, effective means of treating female infertility. 

Starting a cycle

When a woman’s ovaries are not properly ovulating, sometimes a 5-day cycle of Clomid can trigger the ovulation to occur. If a woman then has sexual intercourse or does IVF, the odds of her becoming pregnant are much greater. Always speak with your doctor before taking any medication. Even one such as Clomid can be dangerous if not taken properly. Speak with your doctor today to find out if Clomid is right for you.


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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. by Marta

    I’m 29 and I should not have ovulation problems. I want a baby so I started to take Clomid under my doctor supervision. After some time I’m ovulating again and I hope for the best.

  2. by N. Clark

    I was on BC for many years and overall it was great, but when i went to Clomid i was finally able to get the baby i always wanted and wow i was so happy. Overall my husband and I are very happy and i love my life now.

  3. by A. Taylor

    tried to conceive naturally for about 10 years and never thought to get help until i broke down every year that went by it shaved my hope away but getting on clomid helped so much i am currently pregnant 22 weeks !

  4. 02

    by A. Hughes

    When I was 22, I thought I was pregnant for the first time, as I stopped having menstrual cycles. My husband and I were a bit surprised, but also excited that we may have a baby. After going in several months in a row for pregnancy tests, it was discovered that I simply wasn’t menstruating. My doctor told me to let him know when I wanted to have a baby. Two years later, I was given Clomid to try to conceive. After three months, I became pregnant with my first daughter.

  5. 02

    by Ethan Cox

    When we decided to get serious about having children, my partner and I looked at a lot of options to help and found that Clomid was recommended. As an oral medicine and not taken through injection, that was something I liked at this stage.

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