In this day in age, it seems that anyone who desires to have children can do so- and with ease! However, that was far from my case. I really struggled with my own fertility and it nearly ended the happy family I was trying to put together.

I met the love of my life several years ago and it didn’t take long before we were dreaming about marriage, a house together, and kids! We were so excited to get our life together started up and have a little life all of our own. We got married and found a cute little place together. Our careers were going great and we had quickly settled into a daily life together.

There was only one more major step to creating our perfect life: children.

I never thought it would be something I’d struggle with, I had had some pregnancy scares in my younger and more naive days. Nobody really thinks that they’re infertile until they can’t really deny it any longer.

We tried and tried and tried and tried to have children. At first we thought it was something with our method. We did some research, changed things up in the bedroom. No luck.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t that. Diet and health then. We began eating much better, going out to be more active, and tried our best to limit stress in our daily lives. Still nothing.

Maybe it was a hormonal problem?

We tried supplements, oils, vitamins, and every other last natural thing to affect our fertility. Nope.


Finally we decided to see our doctor

The doctor prescribed some medicinal methods for increased fertility and we were excited. Finally, we seemed to have a lasting solution.

We got to work (haha!) and eagerly anticipated results. Still, beside some side effects from the medications, I really saw no change and certainly no pregnancy. I was really getting frustrated. My partner wavered, unsure if this was a kind of life that they really wanted. For a while we began to focus more on our work and other aspects in our lives rather than each other just because it was easier than facing the truth.

It took us nearly falling apart before we came together to address this issue. We went to counseling and figured things out between us. We decided to try some more of the technologically advanced methods so as to keep trying to create our perfect little life.

It was really hard! I had to go on different medications that really altered my moods, etc. The constant appointments and disappointments was pretty hard to take but with our new communication habits and take on our relationship, my partner and I overcame.

Now if you’re wondering, it worked! We’re expecting a little one (finally!). 🙂

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