While it may not be something that anyone wants to talk about, that ugly five letter word known as cancer is something that is prevalent in many lives every single day. Sometimes a silent killer and one that strikes nearly any part of our bodies. But today i wanted to focus on breast cancer and what can be done to help detect it early.

What is causing so much breast cancer?

As of now there is no way to cure cancer, maybe that will change in the future we can only hope, but when it comes to beating breast cancer back it is important to know what you are dealing with. Breast cancer is one that occurs when the cells inside the breast start to grow uncontrollably, like just about any cancer there is also the threat of these defunct cells breaking off and travelling to other parts of the body as well unfortunately.

When you hear people to tell you to check for “lumps” this is basically what you are looking for, a hard mass of uncontrollably growing cells, and one of the worst parts is that sometimes it can take years before the lumps are even big enough to be felt in the breast.

At what age breast cancer will come?

And this is not an if and or but type of thing because all women are at risk to get breast cancer, there are basically only things that increase that risk such as medical history, or those women who delay pregnancy until after the age of 30.

Sometimes your chances for breast cancer also increase whenever you have no children at all or decide not to breast feed the children that you do have. It’s not saying that these things will guarantee your getting it, but if some of these things are on your list of stuff to do it might be a good idea to make sure you check them off to lower your risks.

How can a woman tell if she has breast cancer?

Be sure to be on the look out for those lumps though, you could see a thickening in the breast, but it could also occur underneath the arm for some people depending on where the cells begin collecting.  You may notice that the size and shape of your breasts have also changed. If you begin feeling or seeing a discharge coming from your nipple or the nipple itself turning inward, if you find a depression on part of the breasts surface area, maybe even if you see some of the veins in your breasts begin to become more prominent. These are all warning signs that can save your life

Pink Daisy Project

As always be sure to get checked early and often by scheduling the proper procedures like a mammogram with your doctor. Pink Daisy Project offers financial help for women with breast cancer.

Sometimes you may have no warning signs at all, so the earlier you can detect it through routine check ups, the better!

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